Growing green things and getting dirty

Carson’s turn at the ol’ blog! 🙂 Even though it’s very sunny out today the windchill is still below zero, so let’s think about warmer weather and the return of something we love to do – grow plants! Gardening has always been an important and fun part of my family history. When I think about what excites me about parenting, exploring the outdoors and getting dirty with kids tops the list. What’s a better way to do that than to garden? Even though some would say it’s a bit early to start planning – I’ve busted out the stash of old seeds and am starting to dream up our next bounty of crops. We have a great big backyard, but because it is heavily shaded and very wet soil, we have rented a community garden plot not too far from our house. Here’s a few shots from years past…..

I’ve started planting flowers in the garden too, like those cute lil sunflowers.
Bed prep with lots of poo
Started these babies from seed in our sun-room
Zukes anyone?….anyone? please take them
and so it begins again….

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