Winter, cont.

Signs of spring are hit and miss around here. We’re enjoying the warm days when they come — last weekend we had sun and 50-degree temps! — and hunkering down on cold days like today, when the sun is shining but the air temperature is a shivery 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

We don’t let cold weather keep us entirely indoors, though. Carson has lots of experiencing hustling students outside in all conditions, and over the last few weeks we’ve explored ice floes on the beach and otherworldly trees in the middle of empty woods. This is definitely the kind of experience we’ll share with your child too, if you were to choose us to be adoptive parents.

Duluth’s beaches in the winter are all floes.

This is also the season when sap runs in the maple trees in our back yard and we turn it into maple syrup. Prime syruping conditions come when the daytime temperatures are warm but the nighttime temperatures are still below freezing. We put taps in three of our trees, and then spend one or two days a week boiling it down over a wood fire. Bart frolics around us while we stoke the fire, play games, and talk about our week.

The process.
The product.

In other news, we are now *officially* in the book of waiting families in the offices of our adoption agency, Children’s Home/Lutheran Social Services. It was hard for us to decide which pictures to choose and how to describe ourselves — we are bad at self-promotion! But it is so exciting to think that birth parents can finally see us there. If that’s you, and you’ve come here to learn more about us, welcome! Please reach out; we’re excited to hear from you!

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