We’re back!

Long time no see! We’ve had a busy spring, with lots going on. We missed you, and we’re back.

Most important: we’ve said this before, but we remain in the official book of waiting families at our adoption agency, Children’s Home/Lutheran Social Services. You can also find our profile online here! Our goal for this blog is to share a slice of our life together with you, so that if you’re a mom or birth parent making an adoption plan you can consider our family. If you reach out to us here we can connect you with CH/LSS and our profile to learn more.

In case you missed it above, here is the link to our online profile: https://chlss.org/pregnancy-services/waiting-family-profiles/?family-post=carson-and-jamie

Lots of highlights from the last few months: in April we escaped a dreary northern Minnesota “spring” to take our nephew Luka on a tour of New Orleans. We picked him up in South Dakota and squeezed in some prairie hikes and a visit with friends in Sioux Falls. Then we flew south with Luka and basked in heat and humidity for three solid days. We trekked around the French Quarter on a ghost tour; we crossed Lake Pontchartrain for a tour of the Honey Island swamp, complete with alligators, racoons, and warblers; and we ate lots and lots of good Cajun food.

We came home to another month of dreary weather, but six weeks later leaves and flowers finally popped. We’ve been hiking, biking, camping, and gardening, and in general spending as much time outside as possible. We’ve spent time with friends and practiced our dad skills. We can’t wait to do the things we love with our own family.

Hiking in the Northland!

Lots more activity coming up this summer — more time with friends and family, especially, and also a big job change and some well-earned time away from work! We’ll keep you updated. We’re excited to be on this journey, in life and in adoption, and if you’re thinking about adoption for your child we’d love to talk more about ways we can grow our families together.

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