Our Friends

We’ll welcome your child into a global community of friendships we have built over the years, both as a couple and as individuals before we knew each other.

Jamie’s oldest friendships hail from his high school days in Connecticut. He was best man for his friend Cullen’s wedding; Cullen adopted his two children and has helped us along this journey. Jamie’s friends Abby, Alexis, and Steph have been stalwart supports, through regular Zoom calls and Google chats, and we love spending time with Alexis’s kids.

College and medical school brought more friends from around the world — through singing groups, from late night study sessions, or just from being in the right place at the right time. Many of those friendships have lasted despite Jamie’s poor correspondence skills. A few years ago he became a godfather to the son of his best friend from medical school, Paula.

College friends, reunited.

When he moved to Madison Jamie found a group of friends that have become a kind of second Midwestern family for him (after the aunts, uncles, and cousins who support him here!) Carson found the same thing when he moved to Madison around the same time, and then we’ve blended our second families. We’ve been adventuring — mostly outdoors — ever since, and many of them have had their own children we’ve been lucky to play dad, uncle, friend, or doctor as the situations called for.

Our friend Carly officiating at our wedding

In Duluth we’ve made new friendships and built a new community around us. Jamie has two cousins here, each with her own family, and each within walking distance of our house. We get to hang out with their kids — from infants to teenagers — and can’t wait to add our own family to the hectic mix of Friday pizza night at his cousin Sarah’s house.