Jamie here. Last week I mentioned an upcoming bike race, and yesterday was the big day. Maybe “race” is not the right word and I should be calling it an event, or just a ride; it wasn’t timed and there was no one else there. But it did have a name. Anyway, conditions were perfect, and our friend Shawyn and Jamie rode together and finished (most of) the course in record time (we set the record because we were the only ones who’d done it.) While Shawyn and Jamie were riding Carson was showshoeing with Shawyn’s wife Laura.

It was an ideal northern Minnesota day, the kind of day we can’t wait to share with a child. Every time I finish a ride, or a ski, or a hike or a paddle, I remember how much I love being outside, no matter the weather. Biking is such a great way to see the woods, and to get as far away from civilization as quickly as possible. And Duluth and the North Shore are such amazing entry points to the outdoors. When we moved here I’d never been on a mountain bike, but it didn’t take long for my cousin Sarah to loan us bikes and take us out on the trails with her kids, and now we’re hooked. I guarantee you there will be more biking pictures to come!

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