Hikes, dogs, and Encanto

Whoops, time got away from us and it’s been more than two weeks since our last post. We’ve been busy! But we’re trying to update this as often as we can; we hope to keep a running depiction of our life together so that a birth parent who comes across this page will see the life we hope to share with a child. If that’s you, welcome!

Our friends shor and Zohar visited from the cities for the last weekend in January. On Saturday we went for a hike up and down Chester Creek with a big group of friends. Chester Creek is a Duluth city park that’s near the center of town but feels like a remote wilderness, with waterfalls cascading under scenic bridges. Hiking up and down the banks of the creek is one of our favorite things to do. This time we got to practice hiking with a kiddo, and seeing the ice formations through the eyes of a five-year-old was a magical experience. We can’t wait to start going on hikes like this with our own family.

Saturday night was movie night and if you know anything about Encanto, you know that kids are obsessed with it and we don’t talk about Bruno.

We don’t talk about Bruno.

Then Sunday was Beargrease — the annual sled dog race that starts in Duluth and ends near the Canadian border in Grand Portage. The race commemorates John Beargrease, an Anishinaabe man who delivered mail by dog sled along the North Shore in the late 1800s, and whose descendants are community leaders today. We showed up early to meet the dogs, and as excited as we were to see them — they were more excited to see us. We got lots of dog kisses. When we got home Bart was jealous.

These are the calmest dogs we found.

All that, and Jamie still got to church on time.

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